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How to Make Your Home Better for Your Mental Health.

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How to Make Your Home Better for Your Mental Health.

In the UK alone, statistics show that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life. Even more alarming, is that 1 in 6 people are currently experiencing a ‘common’ mental health problem on a weekly basis, such as anxiety or depression. These statistics are a tiny insight into the attitude towards mental health in our country, and how it is becoming an increasing problem for many people, despite the statistic that only 1 in 8 people are currently getting treatment for their disorders and diagnosis. When it comes to mental health, triggers are a huge thing for most people. We live in a society that sometimes overlooks the needs of other people, and in a world where there is a huge focus placed upon personal success and gain. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many people who were already suffering from mental health problems were suddenly plunged into almost 18 months of isolation and solace, which triggered many unhealthy feelings and actions. Being confined to our homes for the best part of two years pushed those who were already struggling to the brink of despair, and instead of seeing their homes as a peaceful sanctuary, began to feel imprisoned by their own four walls. One of the wonderful things about being at home is the fact it is like a sanctuary for most people, a safe place and a refuge for people to relax in and feel at peace. Throughout lockdown we may have lost this, so here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your home better for your mental health.

Let in Natural Light:

Although we all know the benefits of being out in the sun, most people aren’t sure of the benefits of allowing natural light into your home. Allowing sunlight to come into your home will help your body regulate the function of serotonin, which is also known as the happiness hormone. Enabling sunlight into your home has proven health benefits, such as reducing depression and anxiety.

Add Plants to Your Home:

Studies have shown that those who were around greenery during lockdown experienced better mental health. This included indoor plants and greenery, as it made people feel as though they were away form home- even if they weren’t. Incorporating greenery into your home can make you feel more relaxed and open and can induce a positive mindset.

Calming Scents:

Our smell is one of our strongest influences. It can trigger memories and feelings, and can adjust our overall temperament, as different scents activate different brain activity. Lighting a candle does not require much effort, but it can dramatically impact the way you feel about yourself and your mood. Find a scent that you enjoy, as not only will it smell delicious, but it will ease the tension in your mind and body. 

Separate Your Work and Life:

Your home should be a place of peace, so it’s a good idea to keep those things separate. Throughout the pandemic most of us had to work remotely, and our homes became our place of work. This led to people not being able to associate the differences between their home and work life- causing unnecessary stress and upset. By learning to switch off when you get home, you will have a better hold on your emotions at home.

Creating a Routine:

Just like when you were a child, perhaps it’s time to implement a routine and schedule into your home life. Routine can often bring us peace amongst the chaos- and is a great way to find stability in our home lives. Whether you create a cleaning schedule, or a set wake-up time on your days off, or a TV allowance, perhaps some structure will make you feel at ease.

Soften the Colours in Your House:

Much like scents can trigger us, so can colours. If your home is full of vibrancy and bold colours such as red and oranges, it can induce feelings of high energy. While you may think this is a good thing, for those who suffer with mental health such as anxiety, this can be very triggering. Instead, why not use a neutral colour palette to try and evoke feelings of calm, and warmer neutral tones can be used to create a seamless flow throughout your home.

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