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Woman Terrified To Go Out In The Evening After Being Attacked By Three Men While Jogging

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Woman Terrified To Go Out In The Evening After Being Attacked By Three Men While Jogging

A female has exposed she’s terrified of leaving the residence, just after she was assaulted by 3 adult males while jogging in a park in Essex.

Cait Smith, 23, was out for an evening jog in Castle Park, Colchester, when she was violently attacked by 3 guys who pinned her to the ground.

Cait was assaulted by three men while jogging in a park in Essex (Credit: SWNS)
Cait was assaulted by 3 adult men though jogging in a park in Essex (Credit history: SWNS)

Cait, an admin assistant, has described the incident as “terrifying” right after she was lined in bruises – as well as a black eye – from acquiring her head ‘smashed’ against the floor.

Cait fought as hard as she could and inevitably managed to run away from the 3 guys.

“It really is terrifying that other younger men and women like me should have to dwell by a unique clock out of fear,” said Cait.

“But that is what I want other people – not just women of all ages, but everyone – to be mindful of. I do not want this to happen to any individual else.

“From now on, when I experience equipped to go out functioning again, I’ll be sticking to busier areas. I run in Castle Park a few of moments a 7 days, and I’ve never ever felt threatened down there.

Cait was covered in bruises and also suffered a black eye (Credit: SWNS)
Cait was included in bruises and also suffered a black eye (Credit: SWNS)

“I usually wear a head torch when I’m running, so I can preserve my wits about me. But generally, this was the one celebration the place I forgot it.

“I had stopped jogging for a moment to improve my tunes on my phone, and I received grabbed from behind – I didn’t even see it coming at all.

“I was wrestled to the floor, and one particular of the gentlemen was sat on top rated of me, while a different was keeping my head to the ground.

“I have been left with a significant lump on my confront from in which they smashed my head to the ground.”

Cait went on to reveal there were no other individuals about to occur to her rescue, adding that she “fought as challenging as she could” all through the ordeal.

“I’m fortunate that I am really feisty – I can maintain myself in a combat,” she claimed.

Cait has described the incident as
Cait has explained the incident as

“I really don’t assume they have been anticipating me to battle again – so I just fought as really hard as I could and then legged it absent from them.

“I never stay that significantly from the park, so I was ready to just get myself back dwelling. But if it was any other individual it transpired to, probably a person a little bit extra vulnerable, they might not have been as blessed as me.”

Cait claimed that from now on, she will adhere to operating in the daytime, and in busier areas of the town centre.

She reported: “It is not right that women of all ages, or anyone, should have to stay away from going out at night because of fear that they could be assaulted. Matters have to modify.”

Cait has documented the incident to Essex Police.

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