June 8, 2023

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The latest fitness finds that have reached cult-fave status at Amazon

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The latest fitness finds that have reached cult-fave status at Amazon

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Water bottle, workout gloves, back pain mat, kettlebell gadget

Solve those pesky workout inconveniences with these 10 genius items. (Photo: Amazon)

You know to hit up Amazon for things like toilet paper, toothpaste and other household goods. But did you realize the online retailer also boasts some brilliant solutions to everyday workout problems? Hiding amongst all those jump ropes, weights and yoga mats are cult-favorite items that seriously make exercising a breeze. We’re talking a rechargeable bottle for on-the-go protein shakes — it’s down to $30, a sweet 45% off — and a wooden foot massager for when your dogs are barking. (P.S. It’s on sale for just $15).

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite fitness finds worth checking out below.

Grippy gloves that prevent blisters when weight lifting

Black workout gloves with mesh interior.

Say goodbye to torn hands and calluses. (Photo: Amazon)

These No. 1 bestselling neoprene workout gloves help you grip weights easier without risking longterm injury. The built-in wrist wraps keep your joints intact while breathable mesh promises comfort and a sweet-free experience.

Nearly 13,000 five-star reviews sing this product’s praises. “I love these! Use them every dang day,” said a satisfied customer. “They are crazy durable. I love that they’re so easy to put on and they stay in place. They have so much more rubber than other gloves I’ve tried. This is the best pair I’ve ever owned!”

$17 $20 at Amazon

A water bottle that blends your protein shake in seconds — 45% off!

Black tall water bottle with detachable bottom.

Get one month of use off a two-hour charge! (Photo: Amazon)

The Voltrx VortexBoost blender/water bottle hybrid is one of a kind. Let’s say you’re on the go. Simply fill the canister with your favorite protein shake ingredients and within seconds, you’ll have a delicious recovery treat. Hassle-free cleanup is yours thanks to a removable base and shatterproof BPA-free plastic.

“This was a birthday gift to my roommate who goes to the gym religiously. He said it’s the smoothest shaker he’s ever had. Especially if you turn it on before you pour your protein!” said one reviewer.

$30 $55 at Amazon

A device that turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell

Black dumbbell in between orange kettle gryp.

No need to buy an extra set of kettlebells — this gadget does it for you! (Photo: Amazon)

It’s so easy to use the Kettle Gryp. As seen on “Shark Tank,” simply open the hinged handle, slide in your own dumbbell and close it up. Your kettlebell swings will feel all the same.

One shopper called this very cool, adding: “You don’t have to buy an entire set of kettlebells if you have the Kettle Gryp, as you can just insert different weights of dumbbells into the handle. Be aware that most plastic or neoprene dumbbells are too thick to fit into the Kettle Gryp — you need ones with metal handles.”

$35 at Amazon

For $16, you can master the art of stretching

Green long strap with book next to it

New to stretching? Luckily, this comes with an exercise book. (Photo: Amazon)

A must have for physical therapists and athletic trainers, the Stretch Out Strap, down to $16 right now, allows you to perform unassisted stretches with greater control. With 10 loops, you’ll notice greater flexibility, improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery and more.

“This really helped resolve hip pain due to a fall on ice. My PT gave me a number of stretches and exercises to do. Using this strap significantly aided in doing them. Don’t need the cane anymore,” said one of 16,000+ five-star reviewers.

$16 $18 at Amazon

Back pain? Relieve some pressure for just $22

Black mat with hundreds of white spikes.

Lay back and let the mat do all the work. (Photo: Amazon)

The ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow set, made of thick cotton, plant-based eco foam and hundreds of pressure points, promises to relieve pain from even the most stubborn spots. Continued use helps release endorphins that minimize aches while relaxing the muscles in your back, neck and feet.

Said one of nearly 26,000+ five-star reviewers: “I’m a 25 year old with horrible posture. I’m currently on week two of physical therapy and have been trying to find ways to alleviate my back pain. This mat is amazing. I’ve never tried acupressure before and bought this because of the reasonable price. It was uncomfortable at first. You definitely have to resist the urge to get up. But within 3 to 5 minutes, something just happens. You melt into the mat and it feels amazing. The bolster pillow has been fantastic at helping relieve those base-of-the-skull headaches. I want everyone to have one of these.”

$22 $25 at Amazon

A neck fan to cool you off during your daily walk — save 55%

White neck fan.

Get that cool relief anytime, anywhere. (Photo: Amazon)

Listen, no one likes to be drenched in sweat or uncomfortably hot during a walk or trip to the amusement park. This portable neck fan — 55% off right now! — is the answer. Choose from three wind speeds and enjoy the breeze. The bendy silicone adjusts to various angles.

Raved one customer: “Everyone I come across is jealous and wants to know where to get their own neck fan like this. I do get asked a lot “are those your Beats?” when I wear it at work…I can take this with me when I have to get up and move around. Overall, great investment and I love it!”

$21 $47 at Amazon

Amazon’s No. 1 bestselling anti-chafe balm for only $11

Woman applying anti-chafe balm to shoulder.

There’s a reason this balm has 22,000+ flawless ratings. (Photo: Amazon)

Made from plant-derived ingredients, this anti-chafe balm stops irritation caused by skin rubbing. Smear it on your thighs, chest, arms, feet and other areas where skin rubs skin and you’re good to go for the entire day.

“Amazing for thick thighs in the summer!! Where I live it gets to 100+ degrees F and this is perfect for wearing shorts or skirts. There’s no chub-rub after almost 8 hours of wearing it!!” wrote a shopper who called this “perfect.”

$11 at Amazon

Have plantar fasciitis? You need this wooden foot massager — it’s 40% off

Feet on wooden massager

Also the perfect cure for aching heels and sore arches. (Photo: Amazon)

Sore feet? Step right up to the TheraFlow Foot Massater Roller, which is down to just $15 (from $25). Not only does it relieve pain, but it also stimulates blood circulation. It boasts two different types of acupressure nubs and five rows, and the arched design mirrors the natural curvature of the feet for comfort. It comes with a reflexology chart and detailed user instructions.

Said one five-star fan: “I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for the past 6 months. So far this has worked wonders! I used it while I’m eating, working on my laptop and in the morning before I get up. Make sure to be consistent with using it for better results!”

$15 $25 at Amazon

Get some help nailing that yoga pose

Grey yoga block

This block is so effective — just ask the nearly 8,000 five-star fans. (Photo: Amazon)

The Gaiam Yoga Block is a must have for any beginner yogi. Though lightweight, it’s incredibly supportive, provides stability and balance and ensures proper alignment. Its nonslip surface has thousands of shoppers giving glowing reviews.

“I really like this block. It is thicker than most blocks I have used at the gym; the thickness makes it much more stable. I am very pleased,” said one satisfied customer.

$10 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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