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Redmi 9i – Uncovering The Major Features

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The redmi 9i is the latest in a long line of reasonably priced mobile phones from India’s largest manufacturer, Sony. The phone sports several unique features that set it apart from other competing handsets. While most handsets in the market today have been preloaded with certain standard features, the Redmi 9i has a host of unique add-ons that can only be accessed by purchasing the handset. Let us take a detailed look at some of these features.

Advanced dual-camera setup

A new entry into the smartphone market, the Redmi 9i sports an advanced dual-camera setup – a 12.2-Megapixel camera on the front and a 5 Megapixel rear camera. This setup allows the user to take shots of his subjects. There are two color options available. The user can opt for the regular Redmi Gray (standard) or the special ‘dust red’ color that comes in conjunction with the camera. The prices of both variants have been kept low due to the limited demand.

Built-in music player

A popular feature of this phone is its presence of a built-in music player. The Ringtones are included in the package to allow the user to access millions of songs from different genres. The Mp3 files can be played using the default music player or transferred to a secondary player through Wi-Fi. The prices of the music player and its memory size vary with the model.

In addition to music-playing features, this gadget also comes with a speech recognition software called Sony Ericsson Live. Users can type their queries on a touchpad and receive appropriate replies from the phone. The software can be used to control various functions of the phone such as changing the display settings and accessing the handset’s dial pad. The software is also used to perform video calls and send text messages. The prices of the Ericsson Live software vary with each handset.

Sign documents and capture images

The Redmi 9i is the first handset from the Indian brand to feature a gesture engine. Gestures are recognized as being similar to a fingerprint. This facility helps users to sign documents and capture images with a more refined level of accuracy than usual. The gesture recognition technology is new in handsets, and Google is said to be working on the software to bring out more advanced versions of the feature. Currently, the feature is available on the domestic version of the phone. Prices of these devices will differ accordingly with the international availability.

Other than these major features, the Redmi 9i also offers several other features which are very useful for people who use mobiles for a lot of work. For instance, this mobile phone has decent memory capacity, allowing the user to store large documents and videos. It also features a media player for downloading free music and videos. The high shock resistance also makes these mobiles perfect for use by people engaged in all forms of telephonic conversations. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.