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Promoting a positive mindset for kids

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Promoting a positive mindset for kids

As a teacher of 29 years, Sandra Smith knows only too well the pressures children are under to achieve and how it can effect their mental wellbeing.

And following almost a year of home schooling, many children’s lust for learning and confidence has understandably been dented. Yet long before the constraints of Covid-19, Sandra recognised the importance of children’s mental health and how promoting a positive mindset can reignite a love for education. While teaching in school five years ago, the mum of three came up with an idea which she has since grown into an exciting new business venture.

Children’s wellbeing is at the heart of education according to Sandra

Sandra, 57, said: “The idea first came to me in 2016. I was in the classroom and the children were unable to find their work. And at the same time I had some children who were not fully engaged in their learning or anxious.

“I thought why not create an organisational resource where the children are organised and know where to find their work? And at the same time, include nice kind words centred around things that matter to them the most when they are learning. They are not your plain traditional exercise books that children are using to complete their daily written work in school. ”

Sandra’s idea came to life in March this year with the launch of her new venture Focus Lane Book Company. The unique concept includes a range of beautifully designed, colourful exercise books containing a wealth of uplifting motivational quotes, centred around things that matter to them as learners. This includes overcoming challenging work or releasing negative self-talk about their work.

Suitable for ages 8-16, there are three different exercise books on offer for children to complete their daily lesson in three different subjects: English, Maths and Science. Each has different sets of motivational quotes and different coloured theme for each subject. There are also colourful numbered pages throughout with a content page for children to record key topics so they can refer to the page number, where they had completed their work.

Each beautiful exercise book will organise and motivate your child

Sandra, who also has two grandchildren, said: “It’s almost like it’s their bit of ‘me time’ when they can read through these little quotes and phrases. To know that they are resilient, promotes a positive mindset for their work. The quotes are centred around things that matter to young children as they are learning.

“You are teaching children how to get themselves organised, how to take pride in their work, and also building up resilience. You have to work hard in order to get somewhere. You have to try. Yes you are going to make mistakes, but it’s the process that gets you there.”

The exercise books are already proving popular with teachers, parents, carers, families and students alike. Sandra already has big plans to expand the range to include more products.

The exercise books have proved popular with teachers, parents and students alike

Sandra said: “I chose the quotes for the books through my experience as a teacher and a parent myself. One child said it’s like somebody is there, it’s like the teacher is there with you. Another one said it’s a forever book. The quotes make children feel they are on the right track.

“I developed these books out of passion, experience, and my motto is to treat every child the same way as I would expect a teacher to care for my child. It’s been a tough year for children. The books are a fantastic tool for growing children’s confidence, developing a love for learning, and taking pride in their work.

“One of my burning ambition is for my books to be used with children in sports and other organisations, where children’s well-being is the centre of their learning. As well as being used in school and at home, my desire is to see them as a resource in Sports Education, Children Services and Pupil Referral Units to lift and instill simple little habits for success.”

The books would make an ideal gift or special reward for learning and are also ideal for note taking or revision notes.

Sandra said: “The wellbeing of a child should always be at the forefront of education. It only takes on key word or kind phrase to change a child’s life. That’s my motto. Wherever we can add to a child’s wellbeing and develop a positive mindset, we should do it.”

Each exercise book consists of:

  • Simple reminders to help children organise the start to their day for consistent good habits
  • Encouraging quotes for positive-growth mindset
  • Gentle quotes for children to know that their perseverance and hard work will pays off
  • Promote children to read written quotes, during their own ‘me’ time for self-reflection

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