June 6, 2023

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Model Says Keenan Is a Fan Of Shapewear

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Did you know that one of the best ways to lose inches around your waist and thighs is to wear shapewear? The term “shapewear” refers to undergarments (usually available in waist and thigh trainer) that are designed with special fabrics that help to hold in extra fat. This helps the individual’s waist and thighs to appear slimmer and more shapely. The best thing about shapewear is that they are very comfortable to wear, and are generally quite inexpensive. Below we will discuss how to pair shapewear with various pieces of clothing to help you look your best.

Uses For Shapewear

One of the most common uses for shapewear is to pair it with a beautiful dress size corset. There are many corsets available to choose from – including plus size shapewear or some manufactured by major fashion names. A corset with a shapewear overlay is especially effective because the shapewear actually shapes the body as the wearer wears the corset. A waist cincher is also very effective – and can even be worn as underwear under other garments if preferred.

Waist shaping shapewear is also very effective and can even be worn as a waist cincher under a bathing suit. Waist shaping shapewear comes in various forms, including some that fit like pants and others which are similar to long-legged shorts. These garments provide extra shaping as the wearer moves about and even act as a form of protection from the wind as some people who wear them feel that they can protect against unwanted beach or poolside crowds. Any waist cincher, including some which are manufactured as pants, can also be worn under a bathing suit. These types of undergarments are often called “bikini corsets”.

Effective Acid Reflux Aid

Another way that shapewear can be worn is as an effective acid reflux aid. Certain undergarments have been designed specifically to provide relief from the discomfort and pain caused by heartburn and acid reflux disease or sometimes waist trainer get rid of hip dip. Acid reflux is a condition where liquid from the stomach refluxes into the esophagus, causing the painful burning sensation commonly known as heartburn. Wearing shapewear that is similar to a swimsuit can be an effective acid reflux aid while swimming or having fun, but can also be worn as everyday underwear to prevent any excess liquids from entering the esophagus.

Other reasons for wearing shapewear include achieving a silhouette much like a model does. Many professional models find shapewear to be very helpful in making them look their best. A shapewear foundation garment can be an easy way to achieve a great shape that is complementary to other clothing pieces worn by the model. In addition, shapewear is usually quite comfortable. Most models do not wear foundation garments out in public, so achieving the proper shape may require them to live without foundation for several days prior to posing for photographs. Underneath the shapewear, the model will not have to worry about uncomfortable feelings, but they can still obtain the same level of shapely silhouette as if wearing a foundation garment.

Keenan Says

Model says Keenan says that he was initially skeptical about shapewear. Since he had used foundation garments for all of his college years, he assumed that shapewear would not be a practical clothing choice. However, after trying on several different shapewear options, he finally decided to give them a try. “I really like the fact that the undergarments are so comfortable and lightweight – especially when you’re moving around,” says Keenan. “Plus, I get to look hot in my shapewear – something that I really like.”

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