June 5, 2023

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How To Control Anger with Anger Management Help

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Anger is an emotion of intense anger caused by displeasure or frustration; you can lose control and commit physical or verbal violence. We all feel anger, but we are responsible for handling it. Anger management is crucial for positive social interaction.

By controlling it we allow ourselves to reflect and identify the causes of that anger. Anger hinders our personal relationships, clouds our ability to reason, limiting us to solve problems. Anger has enormous destructive force and causes irreparable damage.

Anger is a natural emotion and produces a bodily activation that prepares us to defend ourselves against what we identify as an attack: The heart rate an increase, the breathing accelerates, the muscles contract and the blood flow shoots up. But when this excitement lasts longer, it produces a predisposition to act aggressively.

Whether your temper is explosive or you suppress your anger and ruminate, anger management “Psychology Melbourne CBD” therapy can provide you with the information and tools you need to manage your anger effectively and socially appropriately. You can relate your feelings to others without losing your cool.

Uncontrolled anger affects health and relationships. Anger management helps you react appropriately. There is an exercise called self-instruction, it consists of replacing the thought that generates anger with another that brings us closer to a solution (positive thinking). This helps you deal with the situation constructively.

Anger management involves reflecting on emotion. Some recommendations:

  • Let’s think before we speak: In a moment of anger, we say things we regret. Let’s take a moment to collect our thoughts and express them assertively, avoiding confrontation. Let’s communicate clearly and directly, without hurting.
  • Physical activity can reduce the stress of anger. Let’s take time for some physical activities that we enjoy (dancing, biking, and walking).
  • Let’s take some time to reflect: Quiet moments help manage discomfort.
  • Let’s identify possible solutions, rather than focus on the hassle.
  • Let us keep our comments in the first person to avoid tension. Example: “It bothered me that you got up from the table without lifting the dishes,” instead of: “You never help.”
  • Let’s practice relaxation techniques, such as breathing, yoga, etc.

Anger Management Counseling (Therapy)

Managing anger is not about telling yourself not to “lose your cool. By now, many people have probably already told you this, so why pay a counselor to do the same thing?

Let me ask you: People telling you not to “lose your cool”, has it worked? I bet you don’t. Effective anger management goes beyond telling others (or you) what to do and what not to do.

If you, or a loved one, are having difficulty managing your anger effectively, anger management counseling can help you or them.

In anger management counseling, you can learn why you handle anger the way you do, how to handle anger constructively (rather than destructively), express anger appropriately and effectively, manage frustration (before it turns into anger or rage) and conflict resolution, determining when anger is an appropriate response to a situation, and much more.

When Should We Seek Help?

If our anger is out of control and we do things that we regret or hurt people.

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