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Why you should stick to one fitness tracker for best results

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If you’re significant about your health and fitness aims, no matter whether which is getting rid of, attaining, or keeping (and if you are definitely fashionable with your strategy, “maingaining”), you should adhere to just a single exercise tracker or smartwatch.

This is not brand name A vs brand name B or design X vs design Y. Regardless of what your preference is, it is vital to stick to the device you opted for, no matter if it is produced by Apple, HUAWEI, Samsung, Fitbit, Honor, or any other maker.

Why really should you stick to a single conditioning tracker?

I have been marinating this strategy for rather some time but never ever obtained to truly composing this brief opinion piece, or, dare I say, piece of suggestions. The strategy resurfaced when I started out sporting a product I not long ago acquired in for review though continuing to have on my Apple View day by day driver.

You see, when it comes to employing a conditioning tracker or smartwatch, these are not classified as qualified physical fitness machines, but fairly a additional hobbyist approach. Hence, it’s not about accuracy, but about consistency.

Not 1 conditioning tracker or smartwatch is correct

Just before you quit reading through, just think about it for a second. Sure, they are all striving to get as exact as possible, but except you teach in a expert lab environment with medical equipment attached to your physique, you are going to by no means know your exact coronary heart rate, VO2Max, recovery times, and so on.

…and that, in and of alone, is not necessarily a problem. The issue, as I alluded to, is regularity, or absence of it.

Though putting on two smartwatches I understood the rather large difference amongst the readouts. We’re conversing about a 2,000 phase count deviation amongst the two, which, if you consider the recommended 10k per day, is a 20% deviation.

fitness tracker smartwatch

The identical goes for coronary heart level. From 130bpm to 110bpm there is an around 15% deviation. Extrapolate that to an complete working day, and your entire estimation of your calories burned is way off. So now you want to adjust your calorie intake.

And, just so you know, the calories claimed as burned on your device are estimated, centered on several readouts, a person of the most crucial being coronary heart price, but it usually takes into thing to consider your stage depend, height, body weight, age, and so forth.

Not to mention that on one particular unit it seems that I have slept shut to 8 hours, the other just one noted 6 and a fifty percent hours.

Why regularity is much more crucial than accuracy

You see, if you acquire all of the over into thought, you could possibly say “heck they’re all off!”. And you could possibly be appropriate. Even so, the benefit of sticking to just one particular product isn’t recognizing that reported system is inaccurate or believing that it is exact. The edge is realizing that the inaccuracy is dependable.

If your watch in excess of or under-studies your actions, heart charge, or even energy, you can know for absolutely sure that it will do the exact same factor tomorrow, and the working day soon after tomorrow, every solitary day, each individual solitary exercise.


That is the essential to appropriately modifying your schooling intensities and durations, as well as your calorie intakes, subsequently. You get rid of the variable.

This is rather significantly the exact same with scales. A scale that will be off by 1kg or about 2.2 kilos will be regularly off by the similar volume (no, we’re not conversing fluctuations on the exact scale due to drinking water ingestion or retention).

The base line

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In the finish, all that issues is to know your gadget is improper all the time, by the identical aspect of magnitude, which can make it extra of a constant accuracy in its inaccuracy, rather than mixing up your gadgets and throwing you absolutely off your concentrate on, or your journey in acquiring there.

Apple supporter? Go with the Look at. HUAWEI enthusiast? Go with their Enjoy. Any other fan? Go with whatsoever your coronary heart desires, just make confident you stick to that, recognizing you can switch inaccuracy into an gain by generating it consistent.

Permit me know what you think, and how your units aid you or protect against you from reaching your objectives.

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