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Sean Avery smashed a car mirror during his morning jog

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Sean Avery smashed a car mirror during his morning jog

Former NHL star Sean Avery was recently involved in a tense exchange with the driver of a vehicle while he was jogging near his home in Los Angeles, video shows.

Avery, formerly of the Kings, Rangers, Red Wings and Stars, appeared to break the side-view mirror on the Toyota Prius when the driver sped off at the conclusion of their nasty exchange on Thursday morning.

Police confirmed that a report was filed on the incident, but no arrests were made, according to TMZ Sports.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as “Niku,” told the tabloid that he’d had a prior dispute with Avery in February, when Avery became upset about the man’s vehicle blocking his jogging path. Avery on Thursday morning recognized him from their past argument, the man said, and began chasing after his vehicle.

The video begins with Avery catching up to the vehicle, and apparently trying to open the driver’s side door. The driver slams it shut — while Avery is laughing — and calls Avery a “psychopath.”

Avery then returns and stands in front of the car, and briefly falls on the hood when the driver inches closer. The driver then attempts to speed off, which is when the mirror was broken.

The shoulder appears to be very narrow on the residential-looking street, which is identified in the report as Yucca Trail in the West Hollywood area.

The oft-penalized winger was known for his rough and all-out style of play, and is no stranger to controversy, as well as legal trouble. But it appears there won’t be any criminal proceedings stemming from this bizarre incident.

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