June 24, 2024

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Must-Have Equipment at Your Gym

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Top 6 Must-Have Gym Equipment for Home Exercise | Magazines2day

A gym or a fitness center is one of the highly profitable small businesses out there. More people now than ever are health conscious and engaged in multiple types of physical activities. The global fitness industry is soaring with a valuation of more than 80 billion dollars. In Thailand, the fitness industry is worth more than 5 billion baht and the number of new memberships is growing day by day. 

The gym business has tons of opportunities even though there is fierce competition between service providers. Here, we will talk about some of the must-have equipment at your gym so that you can offer basic to advanced training services.

Furthermore, if you are looking to buy business, make sure the gym has these equipments. 

  • Dumbbells 

Dumbbells are the most important piece of equipment that any gym should have. They are the primary method of activity for both starters and advanced athletes. Dumbbells usually come in a  set of two for a particular weight. Your dumbbells must range from very light to heavy that will account for different needs. Likewise, having a rack to store dumbbells will make your gym look more professional and organized. 

  • Barbells 

Barbells are the other most important gear to have in your gym as they support a multitude of activities like the squat, bench press, and deadlifts. The bar and the associated weights come in different sizes and it is better to have a diverse range from light to heavy. This is because any new exercise is first carried out with lighter weights to prevent risks of severe injuries. 

  • Treadmills and Bicycle 

Treadmills and bicycles are typically used for cardio activities. People looking to lose weight will typically ask for cardio activities so having these types of equipment is necessary. Depending on the horsepower offered and motor used, treadmills can be expensive. Therefore, choose one with the characteristics that best suits you and don’t forget to look at the warranty.

  • Benches

Benches are also the basic components of a functioning gym. Many of the exercises involving dumbbells also require a bench. Likewise, it also supports some bodyweight exercises. After all, we still need a place to rest after our intense workout. Benches also come in an adjustable form, which can be adjusted to target different muscles in the body. 

  • Pull Up Bars

Pull up is one of the most sophisticated bodyweight exercises which greatly supports the development of back muscle. Having a pull-up bar is crucial because it supports pull-ups, chin-ups, and other exercises that are done hanging. 

In addition to the above-described equipment, a normal gym should contain floor mats, kettlebells, exercise balls, bands, and racks for storing heavier weights. 

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