December 3, 2023

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I think my neighbor is stalking me

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I think my neighbor is stalking me

Dear HARRIETTE: I imagine my neighbor is stalking me.

Harriette Cole 

Each individual time I go jogging in the morning, he occurs to be heading the same route as me no make a difference what time I go, and when I get property from work — all around 9 p.m. — he constantly looks to be waiting around for me at the front gate to smoke.

Do you feel this is just a coincidence, or must I choose this additional significantly?

Neighbor Challenges

Expensive NEIGHBOR Troubles: Greet your neighbor pleasantly, but do not interact in added or prolonged discussions. Change your jogging route in the morning. If he detours when you do, consider note.

But you can also convey to him when you get started your run that you favor to run by yourself. Set on headphones to reveal that you do not want to engage.

When you occur property at night time, say hello and superior night and keep going.

For more insurance coverage, install motion-sensor cameras outdoors your doorway so that you can observe if your neighbor is snooping all-around. It could be that he is otherwise bored and finds you exciting.

Continue to keep inform. If his designs change and he gets much more assertive, inquire him to give you some area. You may perhaps also consider inviting another neighbor to buddy up with you when you operate.

Expensive HARRIETTE: My 14-12 months-previous daughter has come to me with a troubling problem. She questioned me if it is Ok not to like her entire body.

I did not have a response mainly because I was fearful that anything I stated to her could irreparably alter how she views herself. What do you consider I can say to my daughter to support her enjoy herself once more?

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