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How can you cure Genital or Anal Warts?

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Before I start discussing what are genital or anal warts, I must tell you that we are not including warts that you have on your neck, feet, or hands. We are talking about genital warts that are mainly caused because of sexually transmitted viral infection which is considered the root cause of penile, vaginal, or anal warts. According to the expert, this is the most common sexually transmitted disease, and you have to seek urgent medical advice for treating the infection & preventing it to spread further. The studies at the Center For Disease Control have mentioned that approximately 60% of women and men contract this infection once in their lifetime & they find warts in their genital area.

Main Cause of the Anal Warts

The root cause of genital warts is a strain of human papillomavirus. Some of these HPV strains are the cause of cancer in some patients which makes it important to book an appointment with your doctor in case you have suspicions yourself of contracting the STD. Direct contact with the skin of the infected person can easily transmit this virus which may further lead to warts, but there are chances that if you share the sexual props, you may get infected. You will not see any symptoms in just one or two days, but some symptoms may start showing off after a few weeks of your last contact. In some cases, it takes a few months to develop the symptom, all depending on the immune system of your body. Well, there is one thing to note down i.e. the warts are not contagious, not those which clear up on their own, but the infection is. So, you have to keep yourself on the safer side by preventing infection.

Main Symptoms of warts:

While you may think that it’s logical to see the symptoms by yourself, I bet you have not yet seen any of them. This is not the case and there is very little window of hope that you can get to see the symptoms near your anal area. If you have rectal warts, you will have no clue about it unless you examine the area by looking into a mirror. These can be visible to you in that way only and you can see small clusters ad fleshy bumps attached to the outer lining of the anal space. These can be of different sizes depending upon the stage of the disease and in different colors like blood red, purple, skin color, or filled with abscess. In some rare cases, doctors have seen warts appear on the mouth, lips, tongue as well as throat of a person because of oral-genital contact with a person who is already infected with the disease. So, you must keep yourself safe from such life-threatening diseases and infections.

Best Treatment for Anal Warts

Yes, we can treat anal warts by choosing the surgical method. Some people say that warts go away on their own, but we cannot rely on that. We have to find the best solution that can help us to get rid of these and prevent further trouble. If a person is waiting for these to go away on their own, then he/she shall remain contagious for that whole time. Therefore, it is important to be prudent in removing them and not to remain abstinent. Well, if you still have to wait for some time like a week or two, you can apply the wart removal crème that may work in case the warts are too small & you want to try a home remedy. The other treatment options may involve the use of liquid nitrogen which may be helpful to some extent. Above all, after trying all these options, you can go for surgical or laser treatment for warts. If you choose laser, it will be a single-day procedure & you just have to stay in the hospital for a few hours only. After that, you can go to your place and come for a routine check-up after a few days.

Use of vaccination for the HPV

Well, vaccines are manufactured to protect a person from infection in the future. The reports have suggested that the doctors are testing the vaccines on males & now they have included women also. This testing is done to eradicate genital warts completely & hopefully, it would be possible in the future.


So, to cure warts, you have to first find the best colorectal surgeon who is experienced enough to operate on people with this issue. You can ask your family or friends if they know about someone who is good at this job and can help you. This will save your time and efforts and let you book a consultation as soon as possible. Otherwise, you have to browse the search engine and find the best surgeon across your city. However, don’t wait much, especially if you bleed, or feel excruciating pain or swelling in your anal area.

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