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What’s wrong with slow cutting? If you’re low on protein, but already hit your calorie target, should you stop eating? How can you prevent muscle loss while on vacation? Should you lift your head off the bench while pressing? What’s the most effective type of cardio for sports? All that and more in this Q&A podcast.

This podcast is a Q&A, but it’s a bit different from the kind you’ll typically find here on Muscle For Life.

In my usual Q&A episodes, I take a question from email or Instagram and then fully answer it in an episode of the podcast every week.

However, over on Instagram, I’ve started doing weekly Q&As in the stories, and it occurred to me that many podcast listeners might enjoy hearing these questions and my short answers. So, instead of talking about one thing in an episode, I’m going to cover a variety of questions. And keep in mind some of these questions are just for fun. 🙂

So if you want to ask me questions in my Instagram stories, follow me on Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness), and if I answer your question there, it might just make it onto an episode of the podcast!

If you like this type of episode, let me know. Send me an email ([email protected]) or direct message me on Instagram. And if you don’t like it, let me know that too or how you think it could be better.


0:00 – Try Pulse today! Go to and use coupon code MUSCLE to save 20% or get double reward points

3:16 – Is there a downside to slow fat loss?

4:17 – Do you have any tips to minimize or prevent muscle loss while on vacation?

8:11 – Should you lower your macros as you decrease bodyweight in a cutting cycle?

10:19 – Would you squat barefoot if your gym allowed it?

10:42 – Do you have doubts about the war on Ukraine? 

11:50 – Should I lift my head while benching?

12:52 – Which type of cardio is most effective for increasing stamina for sports?

13:48 – Should I continue using creatine while cutting?

14:01 – What do you think is the best form of government?

15:14 – Which pulse flavor do you recommend for someone who thinks most are too sweet?

15:48 – What book had the most significant impact on you life?

16:27 -What is the best way to see if I have gained muscle?

17:21 – Is WWIII about to start?

18:04 – If I’m under my protein but hit my calories for the day while cutting, should I stop eating?

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Try Pulse today! Go to and use coupon code MUSCLE to save 20% or get double reward points!

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