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Many people get started on their nutrition journeys being told they need to eliminate certain foods, or even entire food groups. In turn, this can cause guilt when you do stray from “the one true diet” and you can end up creating an unhealthy relationship with food, or worse, full-blown disordered eating. 

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that you can lose weight and achieve your goals without completely eliminating foods. The key is moderation and doing most things right most of the time. That’s how you make sustainable progress long-term without crashing and burning or bingeing.

And so, part of the solution to helping more people get healthier is education. That’s why I write my books and that’s why Jordan Syatt and Mike Vacanti wrote their new book, Eat It!: The Most Sustainable Diet and Workout Ever Made: Burn Fat, Get Strong, and Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Guilt Free. In it, they break down nutrition myths and diet fads, how to eat sustainably (both with and without tracking macros), and even provide simple strength training programs for both men and women just getting started on their fitness journeys.

In case you’re not familiar with Jordan Syatt and Mike Vacanti, they’ve both been on the podcast before. They’re Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainers and have their own online coaching businesses (Syatt Fitness and On the Regimen, respectively) where they’ve helped thousands of people build better bodies and get healthier. They also host their own How to Become a Personal Trainer podcast.

In the interview, Jordan, Mike, and I discuss . . .

  • The trials and tribulations of writing Eat It! and the origin of the title
  • The different styles of dieting taught in the book
  • The concept of “shame” and whether it’s productive towards getting healthy
  • Practical tips to feel less hungry
  • And more . . .

So if you want to learn about how to eliminate the feeling of guilt in your diet and lose weight and get stronger sustainably, you’re going to enjoy this episode! 


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5:48 – When is your new book out?

5:57 – What was the process of writing your book like?

13:01 – What is the title of your book? 

16:17 – What are your thoughts on feeling guilty for yourself when having an unhealthy lifestyle?

24:28 – What type of dieting are you teaching in your book?

26:49 – If someone isn’t used to tracking food, what do you think is the best method for them?

32:54 -What is your approach when it comes to calories vs macros and does it matter if the person’s goal is muscle gain or fat loss? 

38:19 – What are some tips that work for being less hungry when cutting?

1:00:22 – What kind of training do you focus on in your book?

1:07:13 – Where can people pre order your book?

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Jordan and Mike’s book Eat It!:

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