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11 best joggers for women to get comfy in style for 2021

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11 best joggers for women to get comfy in style for 2021

Regardless if you’re jogging into the new year with a burst of energy or taking this winter to relax and recuperate, one thing’s for certain: Your favorite pair of sweatpants have been there for you through it all — and it’s time for an upgrade.

Joggers, the fashionable sibling of the comfy pants, are a wardrobe staple for both active and sedentary lifestyles — or a mix of the two as the lines between home gym, home office and home sofa are blurred.

Like leggings, the cuffed sweatpants come in all shapes and sizes — and are designed for all shapes and sizes of women, too.

From a basic black pair for running errands to pajama-style joggers and even those made of leather or velour, there is surely something for everybody that looks and feels great.

Writer Sophie Cannon lays on a couch covered in joggers
Sophie Cannon

In search of the best joggers in every category I could think of, I scoured the internet and solicited advice from trendier friends than I, coming up with the ultimate list from 10 brands and across 11 categories.

In the battle of the best fit, joggers are a bit easier to judge than leggings, as there aren’t as many opportunities for see-through booties or waistband roll-down. But, it was crucial to ensure each jogger stayed put in the waist and ankle and were suitable for both lounging and workouts.

Many pairs of joggers folded on a table
Sophie Cannon

Take a look at the list below, or use the menu to jump to your favorite brands, from Lululemon and Calvin Klein to Vuori, Gymshark and more. Trust me, the sweats you’re wearing while reading this article will thank you for their retirement after this long year of wear, and you deserve a cozy new start.

1. Best joggers for winter

Lululemon Scuba Jogger, $118

Left: A woman in black joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Lululemon Right: Robert Guerrero

From the outside, these Lululemon joggers appear to be a sturdy pair of black cotton joggers. The inside, however, is made of a cotton fleece fabric, which translates to soft and warm but also lightweight should you choose to work out in them.

The waistband sat directly on my waist and didn’t fall down nor dig into my post-holiday love handles while sitting. They also feature a drawstring, making them easy to adjust and come in three other colors. The cuffed ankles landed at just the right spot — and even at my towering stature of a whopping 5’3”, not having bunches of fabric around my feet feels great.

As for extras, when putting my phone in the right-hand pocket, I found a hidden gem: A mini mesh pocket inside the pocket, great storage to stash a credit card or keys when running errands, out running or in the yoga studio.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Insanely soft cotton fleece on the inside, but don’t feel heavy.
    • Keep legs warm in the winter.
    • Ankle and waistband stay put.
    • Hidden mesh pocket for keys, credit card or earbuds.
    • Comes in four colors: black, gray, light pink and gray-green.
  • Cons:
    • Size up one size if you want a baggier look, size down one size if you like a form-fitting pant.

2. Best jogger and sweatshirt workout set

Gymshark Venture Joggers and Venture Hoodie, $50 each

On the left, a model wears matching black sweatshirt and joggers, on the right, writer Sophie Cannon wears the same thing
Left: Gymshark Right: Sophie Cannon

The Venture Joggers set from Gymshark combines a substantial cotton blend with athletic-looking water-resistant panels on the lower legs and pockets, giving the set a dressed up athleisure look that is both practical and fashion-forward. The pants also sport zipper pockets, a workout essential, as no one wants keys or phones falling out during a run. The cuffs and the waistband also stay put and the waistband has two tie cords to customize the midsection fit.

The matching sweatshirt is not only a perfect workout companion to the joggers but a wardrobe essential. The Venture Hoodie has a drawstring waist that’s a game-changer and an outfit-changer. When worn open, it fits like a cute cropped sweatshirt, and when pulled tight it’s a stylish windbreaker-type top. The hood and top of the shirt are waterproof the hidden arm zipper pocket on the left side fits an iPhone XR perfectly, as well as a headphone case and a credit card for good measure.

The two items both come in sizes ranging from XS to XL, so feel free to mix and match depending on your body type.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • The matching set is both fashionable and functional for a workout or just to run errands.
    • The substantial cotton blend and water-resistant panels add to the functionality and style.
    • Both products range from an XS to an XL.
    • Zipper pockets on both the joggers and the sweatshirt keep items from falling out.
  • Cons:
    • The set is sold separately, so make sure to figure out your sizing in both before placing your order.
    • Sizing ran a bit on the larger and taller side, so size down if you want a more snug fit or have a shorter torso and legs.

3. Best joggers from to transition from loungewear to streetwear

Calvin Klein Performance Brush Logo High Waist Drawstring Joggers, $59.50

Left: A woman in white joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Calvin Klein Right: Robert Guerrero

Jogging #InMyCalvins. Absolutely.

These graffitied Calvin Klein joggers are cute enough for streetwear with the logo brushed on the side, comfortable enough for staying in on a cold night and the cotton blend makes them super soft and lightweight. To combine them all, these joggers are a great way to bridge the gap between at-home loungewear and fashionable streetwear.

Depending on how cold it is, these are a great pair to throw on for your daily trip to the store, the mall or wherever else you need to go in comfort, adding a sprinkle of style to the day, too. The pants come in both the snowy white and a light gray as well, and both pairs feature the Calvin Klein logo in a black or white brushstroke up the leg.

For sizing, I found my normal size to be a great happy medium between a form-fitting pant and looser joggers, but for those who want a true jogger fit, consider sizing up. The waistband fits above the hips for a high waist fit.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Streetwear style with a comfortable fit and fabric.
    • Comes in white and gray with either a black or white logo.
    • Medium-to-high waist and a 7/8th length great for pairing with sneakers or house slippers.
    • Fit true-to-size; size up if you want a baggier look.
  • Cons:
    • No pockets.
    • Be wary of wearing brightly colored underwear or shorts under the white pair, as they may show through.

4. Best velour joggers

Athleta Double Cozy Karma Recover Joggers, $98

Left: A woman in black joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Athleta Right: Robert Guerrero

When looking up the definition of cozy, these joggers should be the only definition listed.

From Athleta, these joggers are more than worthy of the “double cozy” name, as both the outside and the inside has the ultra-soft velour feel.

The waistband on these joggers is another highlight, as the mid-rise band is thick, which means it stays put and smoothes. The pants have deep pockets large enough to hold an iPhone XR and a pair of AirPods. The cuffs at the bottom of the leg are also made of elastic, and can be pulled up for a cropped look or be left alone.

These fluffy joggers are not just great for a lazy day, but great for the planet as well, since they’re made from a recycled poly fabric sourced from post-consumer plastic bottles. What was once plastic bottles are now my go-to pants for cozy nights at home.

The pants currently come in two colors, black and an off-white, and range in size from an XXS to an XL. The white pair also come in sizes ranging from 1XL to 3XL.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Both the inside and the outside feature the ultra-soft velvety fabric.
    • The waistband is comfortable for all-day wear but also works as shapewear.
    • Comes with two deep pockets, an adjustable waistband and elastic ankle cuffs.
    • Ranges in size from XXS to XL and the white pair come in 1XL to 3XL.
  • Cons:
    • The black pair does not currently come in larger sizes, but may change as stock is updated.

5. Best jogger-legging hybrid

Vuori Daily Joggers, $84

Left: A woman in forrest green joggers and a sports bra Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers and bra
Left: Vuori Right: Robert Guerrero

If you can’t decide between leggings and joggers, why not have both at the same time?

This pair from Vuori came recommended to me by coworkers and friends as the softest pants on the planet. They’re super soft and lightweight like leggings but have a waistband and ankle cuffs like joggers.

The fabric is moisture-wicking, great for high-intensity workouts, hot yoga or sitting super close to the fire when relaxing at home.

The Daily Joggers come in two colors, the green oregano color and a hazel purple, and sizes range from XS to XL. Size up for a looser jogger look or size down for a legging fit.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • The softest fabric that’s also moisture-wicking.
    • Best of both worlds: Waistband and ankles of joggers, fabric and feel of leggings.
    • High-rise waistband doesn’t fall down or move when moving and is slimming.
    • Comes in two colors and sizes range from XS to XL.
  • Cons:
    • No pockets.
    • Would be nice to see bigger sizes available for more inclusivity.

6. Best joggers to wear to sleep

Yummie Baby French Terry Slim Leg Jogger, $42

Left: A woman in white joggers and white shirt Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers and shirt
Left: Yummie Right: Robert Guerrero

My biggest mistake was reviewing these in the morning, because all I wanted to do after putting them on was crawl right back into bed.

From Yummie, these slim-leg joggers are the perfect pair to wear to bed or even all day. Made of French terry fabric, they’re ultra-lightweight and breathable, for a cool night’s sleep. Both the joggers and matching T-shirt are a bit on the see-through side, so be sure to wear flesh-toned undergarments when venturing out of the house.

The waistband isn’t too tight and the ankles are comfortably snug without cutting off circulation. They offer sizes up to a 2XL, which is great for inclusivity as well as those that want a loose pair of PJ’s to curl up in.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Light enough for sleeping comfortably in all seasons, but heavy enough to feel cozy.
    • Waistband and ankles stay up, but loose for comfort.
    • Size inclusive, ranging from XS to 2XL in most colors.
    • Affordable price and has a matching shirt to complete the look.
  • Cons:
    • No pockets, but don’t really need them while in dreamland.
    • The white pair is a bit see-through, so wear nude undergarments if you venture outside the bedroom.
    • Terry fabric tends to pill on the inner thigh, so wash on delicate and inside-out.

7. Best jogger-sweatpants hybrid

Alo Yoga Cargo Joggers, $108

Left: A woman in black joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Alo Yoga Right: Robert Guerrero

Never decide again between a pair of baggy sweatpants and their stylish jogging relative again, or compromise when it comes to pockets a lá cargo pants.

This pair from Alo Yoga has takes the mid-rise waistband with a traditional pull drawstring of sweatpants and comnbines it with the trademark thicker cuff of a jogger, all wrapped up in an unbelievably soft tri-blend fleece.

But what elevates these pants from good to great is the cargo part of the design. Four different pockets down the legs have accent fabric for a retro look. However, the backside has fake flap pockets, made for fashion rather than function. Sorry, fellow back pocket lovers.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • An amazing blend of jogger and sweatpants, with cargo pockets.
    • Super soft interior and substantial and sturdy outer fabric, built to last.
    • Fashionable knee panels and pocket detailing.
  • Cons:
    • Fake back pockets.
    • Only go up to a size large, or 12 to 14 and come in just black

8. Best joggers to wear as pants

Spanx Leather-Like Joggers, $148

Left: A woman in black joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Spanx Right: Robert Guerrero

Like all things from Spanx, if you want a confidence-boost and a stylish pair of pants all rolled into one, look no further than these joggers.

I went with my normal size, and while they fit, I could have easily sized up for a baggier jogger look. For this joggers-as-pants category, my normal size was perfect, especially paired with my favorite sweater and a pair of winter booties.

The fit of these pants enhances your curves, boosting the butt even though they still had the style of looser joggers. The waistband was also super slimming since Spanx always manages to incorporate its shapewear magic into clothing. The cuffs at the ankles are tight and stayed put when hiked up tucked into boots without the bunching.

I was almost shocked to see just how deep the pockets were and didn’t even pucker when faced with an iPhone XR in one and headphones in another.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Can be worn to the office, from day-to-night and everywhere in between.
    • Size inclusive, ranging from XS to 3XL.
    • Deep pockets to fit a large phone, keys and more without looking too bulky.
    • Slimming waistband and feel like shapewear without looking like it.
  • Cons:
    • Size up if you want a baggier feel.

9. Best tie-dye joggers

Lulu’s Cozy Livin’ Tie-Dye Joggers, $48

Left: A woman in blue tie-dye joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Lulu’s Right: Robert Guerrero

Tie-dye is having a moment and even though we’ve come a long way from the ’70s, this pattern is timeless and deserves its own category.

Lulu’s offers a bunch of tie-dye joggers, ranging in colors and fabrics. The popular Cozy Livin’ style comes in a gorgeous light blue color with an option for a matching tee, so check that out for the full ‘fit.

These joggers, once in-hand, are a touch lighter than on the site, both in color and fabric. The lighter blue color is actually really pretty in person and while the fabric is less substantial than it appears on the model, they are still a great pair for lounging or even to wear to bed.

Both the waistband and the ankle cuffs are tight enough to stay where you put them, but loose enough to wear as loungewear or PJ’s that won’t leave marks or indents. Since they are thin, flesh-toned undergarments are the best bet.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Super on-trend and come in five different colors.
    • Offers a matching top for the full look.
    • Super soft and light enough to wear around the house and for sleeping.
    • Waistband and ankle cuffs stay put but not too tight or uncomfortable.
  • Cons:
    • Pretty thin.
    • No pockets.
    • Colors appear a bit different than on the website, but still vibrant and pretty.

10. Best cargo pant joggers

Old Navy High-Waisted StretchTech Mesh-Lined Jogger Cargo Pants, $39.99

Left: A woman in army green joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Old Navy Right: Robert Guerrero

Pocket lovers, take note.

From Old Navy’s activewear collection, these cargo-style joggers are the solution for the women’s pocketless problem plaguing our pants. To start with their best quality — pockets, duh — they have a total of four: Two normal pockets on the thighs, and two flap-patch cargo pockets on both legs. They are all deep enough for an iPhone XR and appear to have enough room to hold the largest models, as well. When loading up the pockets with a phone, keys, headphones and the contents of my desk, the waistband didn’t buckle too much under pressure.

The zippered cuffs at the ankle allow for customization and some more air flow but don’t make the cuffs any tighter.

The joggers are made with a perfect combination of fabrics for runners and fast-walkers, using both a StretchTech fabric for movement, UV sun protection and quick-drying powers, as well as a super lightweight mesh lining for comfort and breathability.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Four pockets deep enough for large items like phones, wallets, keys and more.
    • Adjustable interior drawstring and zipper ankles for customization.
    • Great for high-intensity workouts both indoors and outdoors with mesh lining, quick-dry fabric and UV protection.
    • Size inclusivity, including in height with regular, petite and tall sizes as well as XS through XXL.
    • Comes in three colors: forest green, black and cream.
  • Cons:
    • Ankle cuffs and waistband are a touch loose and only the waist can be made tighter.

11. Best joggers for traveling

Lululemon On the Fly Jogger Woven, $118

Left: A woman in army green joggers Right: writer Sophie Cannon in the same joggers
Left: Lululemon Right: Robert Guerrero

While we aren’t able to travel as much right now, these joggers are great for even the shortest of distances (even from the fridge to the couch, if that’s your destination).

Lululemon’s On The Fly Woven joggers are made with a wrinkle-free fabric called “Woven,” and when put to the ultimate test of going through the postal service, they didn’t have any creases or lines when removed from the package.

Pockets are travel essentials and these pants have two pockets on either side. However, the best travel perk is the hidden mesh pocket, the perfect size for a credit card or ID, inside the right pocket.

For travelers on long-haul trips, the waistband and ankle cuffs are comfortable, even when sitting for long periods of time, but fit snugly like leggings.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
    • Almost impossible to wrinkle, perfect for long-haul travel, packing in a suitcase or everyday wear.
    • Comfortable waistband for sitting for long periods of time.
    • Lightweight material to prevent overheating.
    • Secret mesh pocket for a credit card or ID.
    • Range in size from 0 to 14.
  • Cons:
    • Very popular, so sizes and colors may be hard to find during peak seasons like holidays. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.